The Best Way to Keep Your Cannabis Safe from Kids

In Canada, cannabis must be delivered safely from licensed producers into the right hands, and only the right hands. We understand your concerns in the newly regulated market and bring you the award-winning, certified Locked4Kids child resistant packaging cartons as an exclusive Canadian supplier. Compliant with all government regulations, it is easily accessible by adults while restricting it from young children. Our cannabis packaging is a simple, cost-effective, and automatable solution.

Exclusive Canadian Supplier of the award winning Locked4kids packaging

To be certified according to US16 CFR 1700 20 and ISO/EN 8317 standards, Lock4Kids packages were tested rigorously with groups of 50 to 20 young kids by BVI in Belgium. Tests in Europe and the US showed terrific results.

Locked4Kids Certified Child Resistant Packaging

How It Works

To pull a tray of your product from this innovative carton, a consumer must press two tabs at once on the exterior of the packaging. The tabs are strategically set apart diagonal and spaced too far apart for the hands of a child. The child resistant packaging is also laminated inside, to resist tearing by hands or teeth. So your package is easily opened by adults, including seniors, while preventing access by children.

A Patented Solution Proven to Work
Runs on Standard Cartoning Equipment
Keep your Cannabis Fresh, Dry and Odour-free.

A range of customizable trays ideal for a variety of products


1 | 0.5 g
1 | 1 g
2 | 0.5 g
3 | 0.5 g
3 | 1 g
5 | 0.5 g


Vapes & Cartridges

Vape Cartridge
Vape Kit – Pen | Cartridge

Dry Flower

1 gm

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